With Aman Asnan Oral Diagnosis & Radiology What is Oral Diagnosis?

What is Oral Diagnosis?

Oral diagnosis in dentistry is the practice of determining all problems inside and outside of the mouth by using scientific knowledge to determine the relationship between them, and thereby helping to make the right decisions regarding treatment based on the findings in hand.
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Why Are Diagnostics Important In Dentistry?

Dental diagnostics are like detective work, uncovering hidden issues early. This allows for targeted treatment, informed decisions, and connections to overall health. Think X-rays finding cavities, screenings catching cancer, and gum checks revealing hidden problems – all for a healthier you!
• Bleeding of the gums while brushing, a gum disease
• Hot or cold sensitivity, tooth decay
• Difficulty in chewing; It may be a sign of missing teeth, painful teeth, incompatible dentures, problems in the jaw joint or chewing muscles.
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How is a Good Diagnosis Made?

Oral diagnosis involves a thorough examination inside and outside the mouth, plus X-rays. It checks gums, teeth, bite, and jaw joint for issues like cavities, gum disease, impacted teeth, and bone problems. Panoramic and bite X-rays reveal hidden issues, especially in children and cases of trauma. X-rays for individuals over 40 are crucial for early detection. Accurate diagnosis paves the way for effective treatment plans and a healthy smile
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Who is a pedodontist?

He is a dentist who deals with children’s oral and dental health.
• Factors affecting the development and calcification of primary teeth during the baby’s life in the womb
• Postnatal tooth eruption in babies and factors affecting tooth eruption
• Development-calcification and eruption of permanent teeth
• Cavities in children’s baby and permanent teeth and their treatment methods methods for protecting children’s oral and dental health
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